Proposition value

Standard PD versus Disease Modifying PD care

Standard PD Care

✔ Oral LEVADOPA is the most common treatment

✔ Diminished therapeutic efficacy over time

✔ Levadopa is not a disease modifier

      -Does not restore neuronal regeneration

      -Alleviates dopamine levels temporarily

      -Does not address cognitive decline

✔ Increase OFF episode over time

✔ Dyskinesia, and involuntary movements

✔ Intranasal LEVADOPA relieves OFF symptoms only, cost of $1000 for 1 to 2 weeks of dosing as prescribed

New Disease modifying PD care

✔ Closes medical need gap for PD care

✔ Can complement standard PD care

✔ Expected to reduce PD motor symptoms, and cognitive decline

✔ Preclinical evidence: Does not cause resistance or OFF episodes

✔ Long lasting therapeutic effects (>5 weeks following last dose)

✔ CNS/CT-001 expected to be used for modest to severe PD

✔ Per kit: Up to $250 with de novo reagents + 9 dollars intranasal atomizers / month as OTC under 505 2b

✔ Transdermal option for CNS/CT-001 under co-development

Our therapeutic pipelines

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