Commercializing innovative disease-modifying pharmacological therapies for reversing motor symptoms and neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia

Ruben K. Dagda, PhD & Raul Dagda, MS

Inventors and company founders.

CNS Curative Technologies LLC

Up to date, current standard care only provides disease symptom management for Parkinson's disease and related dementia patients, and does not address to close the urgent medical necessity gap for these patients. We are a startup pharmacology company dedicated to developing safe, and non invasive innovative therapeutic technology,and pipelines able to disease modify Parkinson's disease motor symptoms, or, and non motor symptoms including cognitive decline, Lewbody dementia, and brain neurodegeneration.

Our Bioscience Entrepenerial Lab is located at:

Nevada Center for Applied Research

Applied Research Facility

University of Nevada, Reno MS 0525