The mission of CNS Curative Technologies LLC is to close the medical necessity gap of Parkinson's disease patients with the expertise of our scientists and management of the research and development of technology, and therapeutic pipelines that are very few within its class in the market to be disruptive, and disease modifiers.


Our vision is that we will continue to pursue funding from outside investors, and pharmaceutical companies within any partnership opportunity development in order to continue the research and development of our near to IND enabling therapeutics pipelines.

CNS Curative Technologies LLC

Our long term goal is to continue conducting the research and development of the near to IND enable therapeutic pipelines that utilizes patented enhance pharmacological nootropic modifications, and enhancement to nootropic compounds capable to increase brain neurotropic signal increase (BDNF, NGF) to reverse brain neurodegeneration in PD. We will reach for IND enabled FDA approval as OTC medical nootropics to treat PD via intranasal vehicles, and conduct the required clinical trials required by the FDA for their approval. We will reach interested pharmaceutical companies to in licence the technologies of the therapeutic pipelines that have the GCMP nootropic manufacturing, commercialization, and distribution infrastructure.

Our Scientific and management Team

Ruben K. Dagda, Ph.D., Director, Co-founder, CEO

Scott Shapiro, Cell Medics CEO Business development partnership

Scientific advisor Vincent Lombardi, PhD Microbiology and Immunology Dept. University of Nevada, Reno

Raul Dagda, M.S. Co-inventor, cofounder Chief Operating Officer

Emmanuel Vazquez PhD., Pharmacologist/Toxicologist

Aine Gallahue, Msci, Entrepreneurial lead,

Our History

-Spin-off company that stemmed Dr. Ruben Dagda’s research group at the University of Nevada, Reno

-Full PCT patent filed in 2019; Second PCT (New Matter of Composition) expected to be filed in 2020/2021

-One provisional U.S. patent to file in December 2020

  -2 intranasal products in the pipeline: 1) CNS/CT-001, 2) CNS/CT-002

Research and development of intranasal formulations- history

  -Pennington Foundation: $500,000, 3 years (2017-2020)

  -NIH COBRE funding: $1,000,000, 3 years (2013-2016)

  -Pilot grants: Department of Pharmacology, Research and Innovation, and Sanford Center for Aging ($40,000)

  -6 publications: role of PKA in reversing neurodegeneration and mitochondrial dysfunction in PD

Funding for Entrepreneurial development

  -Ascend Hub Program June to August 2020 (ASCEND HUB Microgrant awarded)

  -Participation in BIO-DIGITAL Conference (June of 2020)

  -Arrowhead Center NIH Cohort Program for STTR Phase 1 application NIH NINDS January 2021

  -Bay Area I-Corps Bay Node cohort November 2020

  -Co-development business venture with Cell Medics, a Las Vegas transdermal   biopharmaceutical company.